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Welcome to QUIPS!

QUIPS (quality improvement in postoperative pain management) is a multicentric, interdisciplinary benchmark project that aims at improving acute pain treatment in hospitals and outpatient clinics. The overall goal of this project is to improve treatment outcomes of postoperative pain therapy by collecting a standardized set of quality data, analyzing them and sending an immediate feedback to the hospitals. This webbased, automatic feedback system enables an internal and external benchmarking as well as an ongoing monitoring of processes.

QUIPS provides the first Germany-wide system for measurement and comparison of quality in postoperative pain therapy between different hospitals. The system features a standardized data collection, realtime analyzing and a webbased feedback system.

The steering committees of the German association for anesthesiology and intensive care (DGAI) and of the professional association of German anesthesiologists (BDA) decided in 2005 to take over the patronage of this project and thus make QUIPS available for their members. The German association for surgery (DGCH), the professional association of German surgeons (BDC), and the Austrian Society of Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Intensive Care (ÖGARI) are cooperating with QUIPS.

QUIPS is scientifically guided by the QUIPS team led by Prof. Dr. med. Winfried Meissner, University Hospital Jena, Dept. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Technical support as well as programming and maintenance of the benchmark server is provided by TAKWA GmbH, Erfurt. QUIPS was funded by the German Ministry of Health.



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